March, 2008

Run and tell all of the angels, I learn to fly – part 1

Setiap orang yang tau kalo saya bekerja di Tokyo, pasti akan selalu melontarkan pertanyaan serupa tapi mirip, “Enak banget! Gimana sih cerita nya kok bisa dapet kerjaan di Jepang? Cuma bisa pengen nih!”

Hampir semua orang pasti telah membayangkan, memimpikan bagaimana mereka bekerja di luar negeri. Keren, gaji gede, dan mitos-mitos lain yang bikin keblinger.

Terhadap pertanyaan itu, saya pasti selalu memberikan jawaban yang beda, tergantung medium nya. Kalo yang menanyakan melalui komen di blog, pasti jawaban yang muncul adalah, “Tunggu di postingan berikutnya”; di mana postingan berikutnya itu bisa berarti postingan setelah saya membalas komen, bisa juga setelah postingan beberapa bulan sesudah nya :p.

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All alone and staring into space

Yokohama Sea Paradise

Last year I went to Yokohama Sea Paradise with bunch of friends. We had a lot of fun back then. Well, that were my second visit to that place. The first one was on March 2007 and more fun than the last time. But on the second visit, I was lucky enough to capture this beautiful scene.


At a stand still


A picture from my 2007 winter retreat trip at Karuizawa. This one was taken when me and my friends on the way to find some meals during our retreat’s ‘free time’ session. It was around 5pm. We were hungry and we have nothing to do until our next session. So we decide to went to McDonald’s and grabbed some burgers, hot coffee or hot choco.

Then I saw this street. I couldn’t explain my feelings. The street was so silent. No sign of life. Snowy all over the place. The sun went down. Remind us that we are nothing without Him.